January 2021

Podcast: Sound Walking in Suburbia – perception, patterns & delight

The Sound Walking in Suburbia podcast was commissioned by Art Work Exeter for their 2020 Resilience project. In autumn 2020 a series of conversations with Sound Walk participants led to the composing of a Sound Walk with and for autistic people who are sensitive to sound. In this podcast, I share the evolution of the piece through a series of walks and conversations with my co-listeners about the music of our shared habitat.

The resulting Sound Walk, ‘UP BARLEY MOUNT, Exeter, November 2020’:

December 2020

In autumn 2020 Maketank invited me to make a piece on the Hammond organ that is resident in its building on Paris Street, Exeter. Olya and Brian wondered what the organ might have to say during this time of locked down arts and culture, alone in the former sofa showroom in central Exeter. Here is the piece, Maketank, Paris Street, 15th December 2020.

October 2020

Podcast: The Music of Exeter and Kyoto

Podcast conversation: Emma Welton with Makoto Nomura and Mari Satomura. Best listened to through headphones.

The music of Exeter and Kyoto podcast was commissioned by Art Work Exeter for their Resilience project. I invited composer Makoto Nomura and curator Mari Satomura to compose a Sound Walk in their Kyoto neighbourhood. We compare our experiences of being musicians during COVID, and we share our listening practice and Sound Walks we have made. Please enjoy Makoto Nomura and Mari Satomura’s Kyoto Sound Walk, below – there’s a lovely, hand-drawn map followed by their sound descriptions. The podcast also refers to sounds I found on the local rugby pitch while making my Sound Walk ‘PEOPLE to PEOPLE’, so I’ve added it below, together with a recording of the musical rugby posts.

My Sound Walk, ‘PEOPLE to PEOPLE’, invites you to play the 8 rugby posts in Flowerpot Playing Field.
Here’s my own rugby post performance, unedited, including my squeaky boot – and many other sounds – as I walk between the goals.
(Best listened to through headphones.)
Is my description, ‘they all sound the same pitch’, correct?