The Music of Exeter and Kyoto

Podcast conversation with Makoto Nomura and Mari Satomura

October 2020

I have been commissioned by Art Work Exeter to create a podcast about Sound Walks as part of their Resilience Summer School. As part of this I invited composer Makoto Nomura and curator Mari Satomura to compose a Sound Walk in their Kyoto neighbourhood. Please enjoy Makoto Nomura and Mari Satomura’s Kyoto Sound Walk, below – there’s a lovely, hand-drawn map followed by their sound descriptions. The podcast also refers to sounds I found on the local rugby pitch while making my Sound Walk ‘PEOPLE to PEOPLE’, so I’ve added it below, together with a recording of the musical rugby posts.

My Sound Walk, ‘PEOPLE to PEOPLE’, invites you to play the 8 rugby posts in Flowerpot Playing Field.
Here’s my own rugby post performance, unedited, including my squeaky boot – and many other sounds – as I walk between the goals.
(Best listened to through headphones.)
Is my description, ‘they all sound the same pitch’, correct?