Your sounds

Have any sounds made you stop and listen, recently? 

I would love to hear about them. 

Perhaps a sound has delighted you, surprised you and enhanced your life.

Or a sound has annoyed you, grated on you, and you’ve just wanted to get away from it or make it stop. 

Or a sound has disappeared, or reappeared.

Or a sound has brought back a memory.

Please share it using the comment box, below.

  1. Hi Emma
    I always like the sound of streams and rivers
    I did a sound walk recently for KNM Berlin, recording my walk on Video for about 1min 30sec, instruction to whistle after a designated number of steps between 1 and 20. repeat with different numbers. Very atmospheric in very strong wind!
    Also done a performance of a postcard piece for CoMA Glasgow using piano strings and a few notes, singing bowls, various household objects like guiros, compiled in Audacity.

  2. Emma, having just heard your discussion with on the EatWeeds podcast (from April 2021 – I’m a bit behind) I paid attention when three trees called to me in the breeze, when all the others were silent. They were a triad of aspens, my plant recognition app told me. Their leaves are on long stems and the very light wind was just enough to get them drumming, while the short stems of the beech leaves all around were too stiff to react. Thank you for opening my ears.

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